Vision & Mission


  • Vision & Mission | Timet Tim Üretim A.Ş.To present wide high quality cost effective service/product range,
  • To accept projects that we believe that they are useful for people, nature, strong, durable and functional,
  • To determine and satisfy customer demands and expectations in the best way
  • To work with qualified and experienced labor force and to use materials and equipments meeting the applicable standards,
  • To ensure quality at each step of a service
  • To work according to national and international standards,
  • To consider occupational health,
  • To consider environment significantly
  • To satisfy demands in the required place and time,
  • To ensure constant customer satisfaction,
  • To establish and sustain family-like customer relations



We are ready to supply and deliver titanium parts that you demand as processed in any amount based on a sample or detail or project that you have sent in the facilities in Europe at the beginning as temporary with the company, which have sold titanium products in the European market and manufactured wrought titanium parts since 1998, upon contract and in our facilities in our country in the future..>>
Monel Steel
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